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Skee-Wee my sorors! 


Every pretty tree needs some pretty ornaments!! Now tell me, what's better than unique, handmade ornaments for your tree? Surpise that special soror in your life with the perfect gift! They're reasonably priced so you can surprise all of your favorite sorors with a set!


This is a set of 4. Price includes shipping.

Set will ship 3-4weeks after ordering.




Each ornament measures 4x4. They are slightly larger than a standard circular ornament which means they stand out more! Beads will be random assortment of pink and green.


Price includes shipping. Base color can be changed if desired! If you're interested in a custom design please message me on social media platforms or via the website request function. 


Please send me photos so your beautfiul tree can be featured on my website and business platforms! 

Pretty Girl Ornaments (Set of 4)

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