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Meet the Owners: 

Hello, we are Shervon & Luis Alvarez. 

Thanks for visiting our website. We started our custom wood items business on February 1, 2020. Since then, God has truly taken full control of our business. It’s flourishing beautifully and we are excited to share our crafts with the world. 

We operate our business full time, but we also have full time jobs! I am a Safety Professional and I absolutely love my occupation. Keeping people safe is another passion of mine outside of creating beautiful crafts. Luis works in the Supply Chain world. He is the production and shipping manager which means he cuts all of the wood, and handles the shipping aspect of our business. Luis converted our garage into a workstation/warehouse and transformed our office into a beautiful craft room! He’s meticulous and organized . I’m blessed to have such an amazing and talented life partner. 

Creating these beautiful crafts is such a positive outlet for us. I’ve always been creative and I’m so grateful and honored that people allow us to create items that will bring happiness and warm memories. 

We couldn’t be more excited that you visited our website and we hope to earn your business. Thank you in advance for your support. When you shop with us, please know that each and every item is made with love. We put a lot of time, energy, love, and effort into each and every single craft that goes out the door.  

God bless you and warm regards,

Together is a beautiful place to be
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