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Skee-Wee my sorors! This beautiful pink and green all wood door wreath is truly 1 of a kind and was designed with love especially for YOU! If you're looking for the perfect year round door wreath that is sure to make your guest(s) gasp in awe, look no further! This makes an excellent gift for yourself or for that special soror in your life!




This beautiful wreath is a thick cut of oak wood. Everything designed and placed on the wreath is wood. If properly maintained it will last you a lifetime. A covered porch is preferred to protect the sign from harsh weather. The wreath will arrive door ready *inserts hair flip*. 


Price includes shipping. Base color can be changed if desired! If you're interested in a custom design please message me on social media platforms or via the website request function. 


Please send me photos so your beautfiul door can be featured on my website and business platforms! 

Pretty Girl Door Wreath

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